Give Residents a Voice at Kingston Council in May 2018

Westminster parties simply can’t be trusted with prioritising our local issues. Picking fights with our teachers, doctors, nurses and police directly impacts local families every day. The choice is quite clear. Do we want Westminster parties telling us what to do locally, or should we decide for ourselves? Kingston residents are fed up with their councillors working for Westminster and they now have a unique chance to elect their first residents’ councillors. In 2018 we’d like to see councillors across Kingston elected to Council, that only answer to one boss – residents.

We are looking for community-minded individuals in all wards who love where they live and would like to make a difference. If you are a school governor, local volunteer, or just a local resident (!), we have the team in place to help you to take the next step and be a champion for your community. Contact us today about becoming an Independent Residents Councillor!

Your 2018 Prospective Residents Candidates

Councillor Mary Clark – Group Leader, Maldens and Coombe

Councillor David Fraser – Old Malden Ward

Patrick Wylde – Coombe Vale

Oliver Eakin – Berrylands

We will be announcing more of candidates for the 2018 Local Elections over the coming weeks and months. Want to stand? Get in touch!

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What does a Kingston Councillor do?
Why should I become a Councillor?
Do I get paid for being a Councillor?

Take the next step

Please consider putting your name forward. If you love your local community please join us; we need people with a passionate feeling for the future of our borough!

For more information please email us at